As the climate cools, sweaters and hoodies are making another comeback for the year. The sweater is the perfect layering option for anyone who wants to stay warm without going for a wardrobe overkill. Sweaters don’t have to be drab with only one style going – that is why hoodies exist.
However, when it comes to comfort, the material is what matters most. Thus, let’s delve into the classic world of the warm garment and find out how best to keep warm and still be fashionable at the same time.

Woolen sweater

Woolen sweaters are best preferred because wool is one of the best materials to help keep you warm. Wool is highly insulating, and has been used for eons as the go-to material for warm garments. There are various grades of wool, Merino wool being among the top class. Unlike most materials, wool isn’t exactly cheap, but you will get the insulation and soft homely feel that comes with it.

Cashmere sweater

Cashmere fiber is extracted from the Cashmere goat, so it’s technically made from hair. Cashmere sweaters are also quite warm and insulating, though not to the level of insulation provided by woolen sweaters. Cashmere sweaters are well known for their soft, sultry feel besides keeping you warm. Cashmere fiber can also be blended with wool to match the warmth level provided by wool, while still giving the soft touch that it’s known for. Cashmere is also quite timeless. It can go with almost all items in your wardrobe.

Alpaca sweaters

Alpaca fiber is very unique given that it feels like a cross of wool and cashmere. The fiber is very insulating and quite soft to feel. Given this unique property, it is popular in South America where it’s used to make warm garments like gloves, ponchos and high altitude sweaters. Alpaca sweaters are however more rare than woolen or cashmere sweaters, given the low production of alpaca yarn by manufacturers. Thus, you will mostly find alpaca sweaters originate from South America, or are specialty made by a particular brand. Nevertheless, if you do manage to get your hands on an alpaca sweater, you can be assured that it will give the best possible insulation and still feel soft.

Fleece Hoodie

Fleece hoodies are quite popular today, especially as a type of hoodies for women. Fleece, unlike wool, is much softer and lighter and thus makes the perfect garment for warmer weather. Fleece is also quite easy to clean and are machine friendly (both washing and drying machines). Fleece hoodies are also less susceptible to elements unlike wool, which needs special care during cleaning and drying.

Cotton hoodies

Cotton hoodies are best for slightly warmer weather since it’s less insulating unlike wool or even fleece. Unlike fleece, cotton absorbs moisture thus makes for the perfect breathable fabric for a hoodie. Cotton is also fairly easy to maintain, since it can be washed and dried in the dryer without severe consequences. There are fabrics made of cotton blended with polyester. These blended fabrics have a water repellent quality in them, thus can make excellent windbreakers. They aren’t water resistant though, so don’t walk in the rain hoping to stay dry.

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