Sometimes, the best plans can catch us somewhat unaware, and a random weekend trip is one of them. While it’s assumed that we’d get to know what to carry for an epic getaway, most of us still would be caught flat-footed and confused at what to carry.

While some trips need really elaborate planning, there are a few things that you shouldn’t forget to pack even for a basic sleepover across town.

Where to pack

First, always be sure of the kind of luggage you will carry. A bag with a warranty is the best, since you won’t have to deal with undone zippers or wheels coming off your rolling luggage. It’s also best if it is partitioned so that you won’t have to invest in an extra bag or pouch. Remember, you aren’t relocating so standard-sized luggage can be perfect.

You can decide on rolling luggage, wheeled backpack, a travel backpack (or “weekender bag“, as its often called) or for the free spirits, a handsome backpack will work fine.

Basic Essentials

It’s best advised to carry your basic traveling toiletry even though you may be staying at a hotel. If you prefer to pack a separate toiletry bag, make sure that liquids, aerosols, gels, and pastes must be less than 100ml. You can invest in 3-ounce plastic bottles and tubs for your traveling toiletry.
Basic hygiene rules apply here. You will need things like:

• Oral hygiene accessories like toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, and floss.
• Deodorants, lotions, shower gels. If you can get an all-in-one option for shower gel and hair care, the better.
• Make-up packed in an easy-to-clean pack, hair leave-in conditioner and your brushes and combs.

Clothing items

As for clothes, the more versatile they are, the better. Make sure that you pack light clothing that can be layered.

You can also pack:

• Long-sleeved shirts
• A sweater
• T-shirts in case you are caught up in a clothing clash with the local culture.
• Always pack underwear, at least a pair of socks and sleeping gear.
• For unpredictable weather, a windbreaker, raincoat or an umbrella will do.
• A hat or sun visor is recommended if the climate is sunny.
• A headscarf or bandanna will come in handy for keeping your hair wrapped safely when you aren’t letting it down.
• A swimsuit in a wet/dry organizer.


There are a few accessories you would carry with you during your trip. For example:
• Your cell phone charger.
• Traveling speakers or earphones.
• If you intend to nap during the trip, a travel pillow, eye mask, and earplugs will ensure you catch a snooze undisturbed.
• Electric voltage converters and adapters will definitely come in handy. Please research on the adapters that are compatible with the main type of sockets used in your destination.
• You also need to download a couple of travel applications that will help with currency conversion, directions and language translation.

Medical precaution

If you are on medication, carry your prescription along with you. If not, carry copies of your prescription leaflet in case you happen to need a refill.

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